About Us

Simplifying your reservations privately & affordably

Our Core Values

Simplicity In Use

Cutting through the clutter to provide you with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for your property scheduling needs.

Owner Empowerment

Handing the reins over to you, the property owner. From vetting guests to pricing, you call the shots.

Safeguarding Privacy

We get that privacy isn’t a feature; it’s a right. That’s why we offer secure, invite-only access to your private listings.

Community Building

Going beyond transactions to build a community of familiar, reliable faces that add long-term value to your property.

Sparked From the 2008 Market Crash

The story of PrivateBnB starts with a twist of fate. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, our CEO Chris Cade faced a harsh reality: he had no choice but to rent out his vacation home. However, existing laws severely restricted his options, pushing him to adopt a more discreet and controlled approach. Chris knew he could only trust a select few to respect his property as he would.


The Spark Behind Our Philosophy

So, he sidestepped the big platforms with their hefty fees and complex features, choosing instead to rent to people he knew and had thoroughly vetted. This choice laid the foundation of our philosophy—creating a community of respectful, trusted guests around his property, making management increasingly effortless as time went on. But Chris knew he needed a system for scheduling and payments, and that’s where PrivateBnB comes in.


Our goal

A simple to Use Software

In the creation of PrivateBnB, the focus has always been on simplicity and control. No need to get lost in 200-page user guides or intricate setups. Our platform is designed with just the essentials you need to easily manage bookings and enjoy peace of mind.


Enabling Privacy in Your Listing

Unlike other platforms, PrivateBnB was built to give you options and control. Whether you prefer to limit your property to a private, select audience or are comfortable opening it up to the public, the choice is yours. We are transforming the traditional rental space by putting the power back in your hands, ensuring that your property attracts respectful and recurring guests.


Meet the minds

Chris Cade

CEO | Vision

The innovator who lived through the challenges and found the solutions.

Steve Boey


The tech whiz ensuring our software is built right.

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