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Kickstart your property management journey by signing up today. Take advantage of our 10-day free trial to experience the benefits firsthand.

Start with our 10-day free trial or dive straight into one of our three subscription plans, starting at just $25 USD/month. Our sign-up process is quick, taking only minutes, and is designed to be hassle-free. Rest assured, there are no hidden fees. Our zero commission model ensures that whatever plan you choose is exactly what you pay—never more. With us, you decide what you earn, and we collect $0 from your profits. Experience transparent and fair property management solutions like never before.

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Showcase your rental property with a unique listing. Customize your rates, set usage instructions, and choose between public or private settings to match your preferences.

Craft a unique listing for your property with ease. Our AI-assisted setup enables you to launch your rental property website in just 5 minutes. Decide how discreet you want to be by toggling between public and private settings effortlessly. Showcase photos of your property, highlight key attractions in your area, and list amenities—all at your fingertips. You have the flexibility to add on any additional fees for cleaners or specify certain tasks managed by guests. Your property, managed by you, your way. With PrivateBnB, creating a listing is hassle-free, and you're always in control.

Share Listing

Share your listing with trusted individuals or groups. Guests can sign up, request reservations for their preferred dates, and securely enter their payment details.

Simply send the link to your new rental listing website and people can start booking right away. Whether you use Facebook groups or other platforms, it's never been easier to share your listing and connect directly with potential guests. By opting for direct bookings, you not only maintain control but also maximize your profits. Want to attract more direct bookings? We offer free consultations and educational resources to learn effective strategies, from optimizing your listing to leveraging social media marketing techniques. With our guidance, you'll master the art of attracting guests who appreciate your property and keep coming back for more.

Manage Requests

Take control of your bookings by reviewing and managing reservation requests at your convenience. Accept or reject requests based on your availability and preferences.

With our app's intuitive interface and innovative design, managing guest requests is a breeze. Whether you're at home or on the go, you can easily approve or deny guests with just a click of a button. Your time matters, and so does the integrity of your vacation rental, which is why we've streamlined the process for you. Worried about vetting your guests? Our app has you covered. Simply navigate to the guest's booking request, and you'll find all the necessary information to get connected with them and make an informed decision. you have the flexibility to determine when your property is available for guests and when you prefer to use it personally. Everything is under your control, allowing you to curate the guest experience to your liking while fostering positive relationships with your neighbors.

Automate Your Communication

Our platform manages guest communication before, during, and after their stay, minimizing the need for constant direct contact.

We understand that your time is precious, and managing a property can be overwhelming. That's why our platform is designed to alleviate the burden of communication, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you. With our automated messaging settings, you can streamline guest communication effortlessly—before, during, and after their stay.Customize and edit messages to your liking to add a personal touch during the property listing setup. Once configured, our platform takes care of the rest, ensuring seamless communication without the need for constant oversight. All you need to do is accept or deny guest requests, and our automated system handles the rest, providing peace of mind and allowing you to enjoy a stress-free property management experience..

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