Keep it Simple, Keep it Discreet.  

At PrivateBnB, we advocate for rentals that align with community values and cater to family-oriented stays. With PrivateBnB, you have the power to personally vet every guest and decide whether they are a good fit for your rental property. This allows you to ensure that your guests will respect your property and your community, just as you do. Say goodbye to the impersonal super host model of Airbnb and hello to a more personalized, community-centric approach with PrivateBnB. 



Tuolumne County Special

Your Property, Your Way
  • Enhanced Security: Vetted guests, worry-free rentals.
  • Zero Commission: Keep all your earnings, as you should
  • Personal Connections: Make meaningful connections with every guest.
  • Time Saving: Simplify management and free up more time.
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Why PrivateBnB?

Simple to Use

Cutting through the clutter to provide you with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for your property scheduling needs.

Complete Control

Handing the reins over to you, the property owner. From vetting guests to pricing, you call the shots.

Safeguarding Privacy

We get that privacy isn’t a feature; it’s a right. That’s why we offer secure, invite-only access to your private listings.

Community Building

Going beyond transactions to build a community of familiar, reliable faces that add long-term value to your property.

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The best part? Our software is crafted to support property owners like you, so we take $0 from your commissions.

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