Brenda & Rob

Embark on Brenda and Rob's journey from rental struggles to effortlessly managing properties in two different countries with PrivateBnB. Join them as they redefine home-sharing on their own terms.

    Meet Brenda and her husband Rob, successful business owners from Calgary, Alberta. With the freedom afforded by remote work, they’ve been escaping the Canadian winters to bask in the warmth of sunny Phoenix, Arizona. However, managing their property back home in Calgary posed a significant challenge when they turned to Airbnb.

    Lowering Cost & Removing Hidden Fees

    The fees and charges Airbnb imposed made it tough for Brenda and Rob to rent out their place at a fair price. Plus, they struggled to find renters who would take care of their home like they did. To them, their Calgary house wasn’t just a rental; it was still their home for half the year, and they wanted to keep it that way.

    Not only had the couple experienced situations where poorly vetted tenants damaged their things or left their place a disaster, Airbnb did nothing to rectify the situation. Brenda and Rob did not even have their tenants’ phone numbers and were limited to in-app communication.

    The damages led Brenda and Rob to cancel the next guest in order to make repairs. Unfortunately, Airbnb does not prioritize their hosts, and as a result, Brenda and Rob’s listing was ranked lower and no longer received as much visibility for new guests. They felt their listing was constantly at risk due to mistakes made by young guests, and they had reached their limit with the ongoing headaches.

    A New Way for Short Term Rental

    Then they discovered PrivateBnB, and completely changed their rental property experience. The platform’s easy to use features allowed them to personally vet their tenants, ensuring that only responsible individuals stayed in their home. The option for private listings provided them with the privacy and security they wanted, safeguarding their home while they pursued their adventures in Arizona.

    Control & Simplicity Without Hassle

    What they loved most about PrivateBnB was how easy it was to use and how much control it gave them. Features like automatic guest messages, help setting up their listings, and secure payments made managing their rental a breeze. They were able to create their property listing, which included a link to their own listing website, in under ten minutes. That’s how simple the property management platform made it for them, despite not being tech-savvy themselves.

    With PrivateBnB, Brenda and Rob no longer feared for the well-being of their home or the strangers they let in it. They were so impressed that they started using PrivateBnB for their vacation home in Phoenix too, allowing them to generate income year-round from both properties. They never had to worry about attracting only young travelers who might not respect their personal belongings or space. By personally selecting their guests, they ensured a higher standard of care. Plus, they always had easy access to guests’ contact information through the app, where all past and present guests’ details were conveniently organized in one place.

    With PrivateBnB, Brenda and Rob got the best of both worlds: they could travel and work remotely without worrying about their properties in Calgary or Arizona. PrivateBnB made renting out their homes simple and stress-free, helping them reach their financial goals while living life to the fullest.

    “PrivateBnB has been a lifesaver for us!! We feel more relaxed and confident knowing our homes are in good hands with guests who appreciate them as much as we do.” – Brenda

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