Uncover how Brian, a busy entrepreneur from Burlington, Vermont, found relief from the stress of leaving his lakefront property unattended. With PrivateBnB, Brian regained control, ensuring peace of mind while traveling and preserving the harmony of his neighborhood.

    Introducing Brian, a successful business consultant and entrepreneur who holds his lakefront property in Burlington, Vermont, close to his heart. Brian is not just a property owner; he’s an integral part of his neighborhood, deeply connected to his neighbors and the community around him. However, his passion for travel presented him with a significant issue—he loathed the idea of leaving his home unattended for months on end.

    The thought of his property falling into the hands of random renters or partygoers, potentially disrupting the peacefulness of his neighborhood, was unbearable for Brian. He valued the harmony and companionship in his community and didn’t want his absence to strain his relationships with his neighbors.

    Being a Good Neighbor

    Brian’s value for his neighbors made listing a property stressful; he didn’t want his neighbors thinking he was booking out his rental to just anyone. With PrivateBnB’s discreet property management app, he could share his property privately without advertising it all over online where his neighbors could see.

    Brian’s relief was evident when he discovered that PrivateBnB offered him the flexibility to manage his property on his terms. He could handpick guests who aligned with his values and standards, safeguarding his home and neighborhood from any potential disturbances. When it came to managing requests, nothing was easier for Brian. He enjoyed the freedom to review, accept, and reject at his own discretion without any interference from PrivateBnB.

    Problem Free Solution

    He was able to relax on his travels because the PrivateBnB platform handled all the communication with guests before, during, and after their stay through automation settings that he was in control over. He knew that if he needed to get hold of a guest, all the contact information he needed was right there, just a click away on his phone.

    With features like guest relations management, payment collection, and automated tasks, Brian easily managed his rental while enjoying his travels stress-free. Brian even took advantage of PrivateBnB’s free educational resources, which helped him improve his rental property’s performance. The platform’s zero-commission model empowered Brian to dictate his earnings, ensuring that he received the full value of his property without any hidden fees.

    Now, Brian enjoys the freedom to travel without the burden of worrying about his property. Thanks to PrivateBnB, he can maintain his strong connections with his neighbors and community while benefiting from the income generated by his rental property. With PrivateBnB, Brian found the perfect balance between his love for travel and his commitment to his neighborhood, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

    “Thanks to PrivateBnB, I can travel freely, knowing that my connections with my neighbors and community are intact, and my property is in good hands.” – Brian

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